Global Coral Reef Week

Remote Meetings to Connect Coral Reef Scientists Around the World

Global Coral Reef Week is a free meeting that uses virtual & in-person conference tools. It is designed to enable coral reef scientists & practitioners to share their science & network with each other.

How to participate

Participate in our free virtual conference by submitting a video about your research or a recorded workshop. It will be featured on our YouTube channel in July, when you can interact with other participants virtually.

Abstract submission deadline is June 1st.

Organize an in-person meeting for yourself & your local colleagues to either watch the plenary talks together or do a service to your local community & environment with an outreach event. Additional local content is welcome.

Email us if interested:

“Global warming poses a clear, present, and dire danger for humanity. In an era of obvious climate change, 

I believe that it’s important to align our daily life choices with that reality and actions speak louder than words.”

-- Peter Kalmas, NASA Climate Scientist

Rethinking the paradigm of research conferences to decrease CO2 emissions by decreasing air travel while increasing social equity through accessibility. 

Meetings can be held anywhere that there is an interested audience and a host willing to organize the meeting. So far we have hosts confirmed in 12  locations. Want to host a global coral reef week event?

Contact us at

In response to CORVID19 we're focusing our efforts on facilitating a virtual conference experience for coral reef research in July 2020. As is possible, there may be in-person meetings at specific locations.

We'll add updates to location specific pages.

We welcome your suggestions and support for meetings.


To send us general feedback or questions, use the contact us page.


2020 is an important year to start large scale action on climate change. For this reason, a team of marine scientists has come together to organize global coral reef week:  globally connected local networking events for scientists, practitioners, students, and reef enthusiasts.


These meetings will provide opportunities to share science, explore new ideas, and network without traveling long distances or spending large sums of money. Our goal is to make these meetings completely free for participants; hence, our request for donations of support.


We choose posteo as email provider because they do their part for a sustainable future.

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