Recording of GCRW 2020 live events. 

All our live talks from the 2020 Global Coral Reef Week are available as recordings on our youtube channel. Find the talks that interest you below and start watching!



Relevance of histology in pathological investigation

Assistant Prof. Esther Peters /

Assistant Prof. Jennifer Salerno

The coral reef tourism pandemic

Dr. Phil Dustan

Monday, 6th July


3 -4 PM EST --- Coral reefs and diseases:

Evaluating the impacts of coral reef management 

Assistant Prof. David Gill

Tuesday, 7th of July 

The impact of Sargassum brown tides on Mexican Caribbean coasts 

Dr. Brigitta van Tussenbroek

3 - 4 PM EST --- Management and conservation

1 - 3 PM EST --- Technological advances in reef studies 

The Reef Bank Project

Dr. Leandro Godoy

Integrative approach on the sustainable prospection of marine natural products

Prof. Letícia Costa-Lotufo

Using advanced technical diving for deep reef exploration

Prof. Luiz Rocha

Customized medicine for corals

Prof. Raquel Peixoto

Nassau grouper research in The Bahamas 

Dr. Krista Sherman

The Hidden Habitats in the Caribbean Depths

Dr. Diva Amon

Wednesday, 8th of July

3 - 4 PM EST --- From shallow reefs to the deep sea:

Climate Change and the Caribbean

Dr.  Neil Oculi

3 - 4 PM EST --- Local Communities: Outreach and Climate Change

Indigenous language environmental education

Robby Thigpen

Thursday, 9th of July

1 - 2 PM EST --- Cayo Arca - Campeche Reef Talks and Discussion

Cayo Arcas is a complex reef system of high ecological and economic relevance in south Gulf of
Mexico, located in a very biologically productive zone at east Campeche Bay. The system is
occupied by several species of economic and ecological interest, where regional and international
relevant extractive activities occur. A particularity of this system is that it harbors the most
important oil sales-point in Mexico, and provoking significant industrial activity in this region. This
context represents a challenge for harmonizing extractive activities and ecological management in
this socioecosystem, while sustaining its ecological integrity and coexisting with human activities.

Friday, 10th of July 

Why I have hope…

Dr. Judy Lang

3 - 3:45 PM EST --- Concluding remarks

The Mesoamerican Reef (MAR) stretches along the Caribbean coasts of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala and Honduras connecting important ecosystems, resources and vibrant cultures. As many coral reefs and coastal areas of the world, the MAR is facing numerous and increasing threats, but, thanks to the melting pot of capacities and creativity from its communities, effective solutions are being created and implemented. This session seeks to share those locally led initiatives to inspire and scale up conservation and their impacts.

This session is organized by Healthy Reefs for Healthy People and consisist of ten

presentation focussing on healthy wathersheds, healthy fisheries and giving nature

a hand through restoration of structure and function. See the full program of this session here.

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